What Factors Affect the Cost of Line Marking in Gold Coast?

Line-marking Gold Coast companies charge different fees depending on several crucial factors. Kindly read more to know the metrics these professionals use to determine what the clients pay. Further, this blog will explain why marking experts prefer MMA cold paint for road line marking.

3 Metrics for determining applicable Line Marking Gold Coast fees


Line marking companies charge a given fee for each mile they cover during line marking. Therefore, the longer the highway, the higher the total service fees.

Line Marking Paint

Clients must know that MMA marking paint is pricier than thermoplastic paint. Therefore, the company charges clients that demand this marking material slightly more than other painting materials.


Occasionally, the companies may charge a relatively higher fee to clients who issue shorter deadlines. Usually, this is because they have to assign more workers to accomplish the project faster.

Why do Line Marking Professionals in Gold Coast Use MMA Material?

Technically, MMA plastic paint is expensive on most online and physical paint stores. However, line marking workers still prefer it for marking highways and car parks. Here’s why:


The beauty of this material is that it is visible even during the night, as it can stand out under headlights. For this reason, drivers and pedestrians are safe on the road for 24 hours daily.


Line marking professionals prefer this paint as it does not wear off quickly. Therefore, it can remain visible regardless of the harsh weather condition or regular road cleaning. Given this, the government doesn’t have to hire a line marking company repeatedly.

Mma Paint Doesn’t Need Heating

Professionals must heat thermoplastic paint before marking any hard surface, such as a parking space. Conversely, one can apply MMA paint on cold surfaces without heating it first.

It Warrants the Worker’s Safety.

Technically, the workers must heat thermoplastic at 45 to 50 F before marking. Therefore, this paint exposes them to the risk of burns, especially if they don’t have  protective gear.

Contrarily, the workers can apply MMA while cold and it’ll stick and be visible for many years.

Concluding Thoughts

Thermoplastic and MMA paint remain the best option for commercial line marking in Gold Coast. Professionals say that such road marking can last for an extended duration of 10 years or more. Fortunately, these companies have essential tools such as a marking machine and tape for marking services.