The Best Time to Buy Air Jordan 1 Online and Save Big

Air Jordan 1 sneakers are a favourite among sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. But buying them can be expensive, with some pairs selling for thousands of dollars. Timing is crucial when it comes to buying Air Jordan 1, as release dates, collaborations, and sales all affect prices. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the best time to buy Air Jordan 1 online and save big.

Air Jordan 1 Release Calendar

The Air Jordan 1 release calendar is essential to keep track of when buying sneakers. Jordan Brand releases new colourways of the Air Jordan 1 throughout the year, with some releases more popular than others. The release dates and prices of the Air Jordan 1 vary, with prices often higher for limited edition releases.

Air Jordan 1 Collaboration Releases

Collaborations with other brands and designers can significantly impact the prices and availability of Air Jordan 1. These collaborations often result in unique designs and colourways, which become highly sought after. Staying up to date on upcoming collaborations and release dates is crucial to buying them at the right time.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Release

Air Jordan 1 retro release refers to reissues of the classic Air Jordan 1 colourway. These releases often sell out quickly and can drive up prices on the resale market. Retro releases occur regularly throughout the year and are often highly anticipated by sneakerheads. Keeping an eye on upcoming retro releases and release dates can help snag a pair before they sell out.

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Air Jordan 1 Sale and Discounts

The best time to save big on Air Jordan 1 is during sales and discounts. Retailers often offer discounts on Air Jordan 1 during seasonal sales or clearance events. The end of the year is also a good time to look for discounts, as retailers clear out their inventory to make way for new releases. Keeping an eye on social media and newsletters from retailers can help snag a deal.


When you decide to buy Air Jordan 1 online, it is crucial to keep timing in mind. Keeping track of release dates, collaborations, retro releases, and sales can help snag a pair at a reasonable price. While the resale market is an option, it’s best to buy directly from retailers during sales or when discounts are available. Air Jordan 1 are a staple in sneaker culture, and with the right timing and strategy, buying them can be both affordable and satisfying.

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